Social Media Trends: Staying on top of what is relevant

Social media trends change quickly with one evolving technology trumping usage and standards of older more established platforms daily.  In just the last few years, Instagram has gone from being a startup to becoming the second most widely used platform in the social media sphere surpassing Twitter.  Who could have predicted this meteoric growth?  Many of our users probably did not know this nor will they probably know when the next break out technology starts to creep up into the minefield of social media data.  If information is power, then being up to date on social media and the associated trends are directly tantamount to whether a person that relies on information either wins or loses in a case they are handling.

Social media background reports are not as easy as standard structured data reports like criminal background or credit reports to order and consume.  Many clients have discovered a treasure trove of vital information by knowing that people being investigated for cases involving workmen’s comp or disability cases frequently use Craigslist and eBay to generate unreported income.  Users of social media need to be aware of the kinds of cases that they are investigating and how that translates into valuable information that can be garnered from different social media sites. 

Social Discovery’s mission is to be constantly on top of these trends so that our customers can have the peace of mind that this kind of research and information is being provided to our users so that they in turn can focus their attention on their daily tasks.

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